Solutions and Services

Watershed Initiatives provides effective, informed leadership solutions for agencies, local governments, and multi-stakeholder forums to:

  • improve decision-making and problem-solving skills
  • define project outcomes and create pathways to achieve them
  • assess organizational needs and abilities
  • turn technical information into language accessible to a broad audience

Desigining and facilitating a collaborative approach to complex natural resource and public policy issues requires both a strong understanding of the technical issues and assessment tools involved, as well as good design and facilitation of public and stakeholder processes. 

Watershed Initiatives, LLC  has been a leader in effective, informed, facilitation for groups and multi-stakeholder forums working on natural resource and public policy issues since 1996.  WI provides organizational, procedural, and editorial support for agencies, governments, businesses, and stakeholder groups.  WI  has helped clients develop improved decision-making and problem solving skills and helped our clients create clearly defined project outcomes and the pathways needed to achieve them.   We have also made assessments of the organizational needs and abilities of client organizations in order for them to achieve more success in pursuing programmatic, policy and natural resource goals.  WI blends a solid knowledge of watershed/aquatic ecosystem functions and species life history needs with strong process tools, excellent communication skills, and impartiality in a way that adds value to its clients. 

While some problem-solving calls for skills in a specific area, effective solutions in complex natural resource management and stewardship issues often require experts from diverse fields to work together as a close-knit group. WI has embedded this approach into our operating methods. This multidisciplinary strategy has proven especially valuable when providing consultancy services in areas that extend across ecological and social boundaries, such as ecosystem management at a watershed level, and addressing concerns of local businesses and communities in ways that support strong stewardship of natural resources.

WI believes in a set of common principles that guides its work with clients, stakeholders and other interested parties: a personal commitment to project quality, a commitment to finding the proper balance between land use and resource protection, and a deep interest in applying technical skills in a proactive manner. We have extensive experience in working with watershed councils and other community groups, farmers, ranchers, timber and mining companies, state and federal agencies, and tribes.

We provide support to our clients through a number of services.

WI has facilitated numerous meetings with local and regional interests to develop watershed protection and restoration strategies that have a broad base of support. We have also facilitated advisory committees and stakeholder groups seeking solutions to difficult natural resource and management issues.

WI's  trained mediators have helped resolve conflicts and found solutions in multi-party environmental and public policy disputes.  See our Case Studies page and Clients page for more information.

WI helps clients achieve success through effective planning processes that are strategic in their orientation and pragmatic in their design and execution. WI works with local governments, agency staff, stakeholder representative groups, non profits and others to identify near-term and long-term goals and the pathways to achieve them. Priority setting, strategic problem identification and solutions, resource needs and allocation, and time lines developed to achieve identified outcomes are all part of the planning process WI uses to help clients achieve their goals.

Technical Writing
Watershed Initiatives contracts with agencies, governments, scientific teams and others to compose credible and accessible technical reports, manuals, articles and other documents involving natural resource and watershed restoration. WI also edits and translates existing technical documents into language that a broader audience can understand and use. WI has composed and edited texts for the Oregon Governors' Natural Resource Policy Office, the Oregon Plan Monitoring Team, the U.S. Forest Service and non profit organizations. Some of the products and reports that WI has written and edited appear on our Other Resources page.  Contact Watershed Initiatives for further information.

WI believes that education is a cornerstone for developing new solutions in multi-stakeholder-based watershed management. WI crafts a learning experience that fits the client's objectives and accelerates learning. Watershed Initiatives offers cost-effective workshops in two areas:

  1. Resource protection and restoration
  2. Problem-solving, decision-making and organizational development

Watershed Initiatives develops educational workshops about aquatic ecosystems with experts acknowledged in their field. Included are presentations in ecological processes, field-tested restoration techniques and strategies, plus field trips that illustrate these concepts.

WI's organizational development workshops are facilitated meetings that help participants identify problem areas and learn new techniques. Collaborative decision-making and conflict resolution skills are introduced to help groups create more effective management processes.


See the Lobster Creek Case Study

Public Involvement

WI has contracted wtih federal, state, and local agencies and government entities to create and administer public involvement processes that address contentious natural resource and public policy issues.  WI works with its clients to design public involvement processes that maximize the education of interested stakeholders regarding natural resource or public policy issues, while also providing ample opportunity for public input on proposed rulings, rule changes, scientific analyses, or other findings in a timely and cost-effective manner.