International Work

The Cape Eleuthera Foundation, and the Kinship Fellows Foundation contracted with Paul Hoobyar to facilitate a conference focused on eco-tourism and sustainable economic strategies for the island of Eleuthera, one of the outer islands in The Bahamas.  Before the conference, Paul worked for several days with a team of specialists who convened to assess the ecologicai and economic resources and opportunities on the island.  The conference was attended by representatives of the National Ministry of Tourism, the Ministry of Environment and Housing, as well as local Bahamanians, property owners on the island from the United States, and students from the Island School.  The conference provided those in attendance opportunites to learn more about the ecological status and resources that are endemic to Eleuthera and some of the threats that exist to those resources.  In addition, the conference explored ideas for pursuing a different vision for the future of Eleuthera other than the often-tried, and failed, corporate-based, destination resort model. 

To read an article by the local newspaper in Eleuthera about the conference, go to this link.

To read the full report of the Eleuthera project entitled, "Exploration of Market-based Conservation Opportunities for Cape Eleuthera," go to this link.

Photo Credit:  ©Neil Ever Osborne/iLCP