Rogue River Reprieve--a novel

Rogue River Repreive--a novel.


Rogue River Reprieve tells the story of a fishing guide's life on the river in a rapidly changing world.  As Beck Stoddard sees it, being a fishing guide on the Rogue River in Oregon is about as close to paradise as a mortal can get. He’s paid to float through remote wilderness canyons and witness the color changes of fall, study the habits of deer, bear, and cougar, and note the seasonal migrations of salmon and steelhead. He marvels as these silver-sided beauties push against the relentless onslaught of the river in a timeless cycle of migration from the Pacific Ocean to the high Cascades to spawn and nourish a new generation. After twenty-plus years, however, the sheen of guiding has begun to fade. When Stoddard encounters a woman stranded in the middle of the river’s most notorious and dangerous rapids, he embarks on a different kind of adventure. She’s intent on stopping an acid leachate mine in the lower canyon and becomes Stoddard’s guide as he faces a quagmire: will he join a fight that pits him against a multi-national’s slurried plans? Knowing his decision could flush him out of his cloistered corner of Eden, Stoddard plunges into an adventure that transports him to new vistas and insights.


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