About Watershed Initiatives, LLC

Paul HoobyarWatershed Initiatives, LLC provides facilitation and mediation services, organizational support and development, and technical writing and editorial support for groups, science teams, government agencies and stakeholder representatives involved in natural resource and public policy management and planning. Paul Hoobyar, principal at WI, is a trained mediator/facilitator specializing in natural resource and public policy issues.

Paul is registered with the U.S. Institute for Environmental Conflict Resolution and formerly on the Oregon Department of Justice Appropriate Dispute Resolution (ADR) Roster of Mediatior and Facilitators.  Paul is also a former board member of the Oregon Mediation Association. He has organized and facilitated public information workshops and meetings with constituent representatives involved in natural resource and public policy issues in the Pacific Northwest since 1993.

His clients have included the The U.S. Forest Service, the National Marine Fisheries Service, (Oregon) Governor's Natural Resource Policy Office, Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board, Oregon Water Resources Department, Oregon Department of Energy, and Oregon Department of Forestry, city public works departments, local watershed groups, and public interest groups.   Paul spent seven years as editor of Restoration, a quarterly newsletter published by Oregon State University Sea Grant Communications (see Other Resources). He has also edited technical documents for state and federal resource agencies that describe watershed and ecological functions and restoration techniques for use by the general public.

Watershed Initiatives helps groups:

  • mediate contentious and complex policy and strategic issues
  • assess their organization or agency’s needs and abilities
  • improve decision-making and problem solving skills
  • review existing restoration and management projects
  • with project management, educational workshops, and public involvement processes


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Public Sector References

  • Oregon Watershed Enhancement Board
    • Meta Loftsgaarden, Director
    • (503) 986-0180.
  • Oregon Division of State Lands
    • Louise Solliday  Director (ret.)
    • (541) 961-3453
  • NOAA Fisheries
    • Contact: Garth Griffin, 503-231-2005
    • Contact: Dan Tonnes, 206-526-4643

Private Sector References

  • Newton Learning Center
    • 541-729-5765
    • Contact: Michael Saul
  • The Island School/Cape Eleuthera Institute
    • (732) 689-6297
    • Contact: Christian Henry
  • Parametrix, Inc.
    • 503-287-1213
    • Contact: Jim Rapp